I Never Saw Another Butterfly

I Never Saw Another Butterfly will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first show that I was a part of in the Geauga Lyric Theatre Guild and also the show that changed the track of my acting life. My passion for acting led me to audition for an out-of-school production, and I was offered the Nazi. Even though my character didn’t even have a name, I made the role personal to myself by doing research and finding information about Nazi Germany. I opened up the show with a monologue to introduce the audience to the time. What made the show even more special was that it was invited to compete in the Ohio Community Theatre Association at the regional level, and was chosen to move to the state competition, where I participated in workshops, attended a ball, and met people working in the industry. I Never Saw Another Butterfly did not place, but it won acting awards and an ensemble award (of which the blue eyed girl who played the Nazi was personally mentioned).