I won’t go into how many times Gabe and Mackenzi broke into songs from the recent Broadway hit, Hamilton, but we were excited to see New York.

If you read the first post, Boston, you know that some friends and I had an audition in New England and just decided to make a trip out of it.

IMG_4495Let’s get into how we got into the city first. We drove. *cough* Let me say that differently. I drove. During rush hour. Through Manhattan.

Yep, it probably took us about a half hour to get to our hotel four miles away. We left Boston at 7 am that morning, and paid about $40 to check into our hotel early (about 1 o’clock). There were four of us so we split the difference, but when we came back to the hotel at 4pm, there was a line of hundreds of people. Advice? Pay up and check in early! We do not regret that!

Anyway, on to the adventure. The day was dreary, cold, and rainy, but that didn’t stop us. Gabe’s one must do was to find New York pizza place! Easy easy! We met Nathan, who introduced us to the New York accent, New York pizza, and some acting advice (take a dance class).

IMG_4469Brooke’s must-stop was a local non-touristy coffee house, and with a long enough walk, we found one. Frisson was a tiny little coffee house with a big flavor. Maybe it was just the comfort of a thick, warm drink after being outside in the cold, rainy city, but I don’t know that coffee will ever taste that good again.

My and Mackenzi’s must was seeing a Broadway show. We got discount tickets for The Phantom of the Opera and took the subway back to the hotel to get ready. This was when we saw the loooooong line of people at check-in. If we had checked in then, we would never have gotten to our show.

I still had my red dress from auditioning in Boston, but I did not feel like walking the rain in a little dress and tights. I put on a sweater and blew my jeans and jacket dry with a hairdryer.

The show blew my mind. Not just the acting, but the whole dang process. When the “Phantom” was at work and not on stage, I could hear coming behind me from the right, and then the left! Then back on the right! I’m also a geek when it comes to lighting and I remember the opening scene. The men down stage were lighted normally, but the phantom a couple platforms behind was lit from side, casting a shadow, and making him all the more mysterious.

All the stage work of things moving across the floor, or one platform constantly moving so that the actors were walking down a staircase, how things just disappeared! I want to know the secrets!

I also want to know just how large the attic of a theater is, as new platforms and backgrounds never stopped dropping!

I was definitely reminded of the team work that goes into a stage production. So from a rainy day of pizza, coffee, and theater, I’d say our trip was packed full.

Back at the hotel, we packed and prepared to hop back on the road early in the morning! We were in the city for under twenty-four hours, but each hour was a new experience.

One week later, a few of us received an email from Stella Addler’s School of Acting, who saw our auditions in Boston, inviting us to their summer program. So maybe someday soon, a few of us will be back in the city for more than twenty four hours. 🙂


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