This past week was Spring Break. A break from classes anyway. But five ambitious theater majors had an audition to get to.

Gabe, Brooke, Delaney, Mackenzi, and I all squeezed into my Ford Escape for a long drive from Lexington, Kentucky to Boston, Massachusetts (with a short night of rest in Cleveland, Ohio). We planned to audition for the North Eastern Theatre Conference (NETC) held in Boston and thought we’d go ahead and make a trip of it. We spent a night after a long day of driving in down town Boston. A Saturday night in Boston was a party. Performers were engaging with audiences around the Quincy Market and everyone was with their friends or significant other. We explored and we tried Italian seafood at Rabia’s. I’m a squeamish person who can’t get past the idea of eating creatures of the ocean, but I decided I’d try it while I was where seafood was fresh. It was still pretty gross.

Tea in Boston

Tea in Boston

That’s not ¬†even my greatest accomplishment in Boston, as I mindlessly ordered hot tea for the chilly night and then realized what I had done after the fact. I had ordered tea in Boston; the city that takes its tea very seriously.

We had a night of rest and prepared for our auditions the next day. I was ready to get it over with and out of my head, but until the audItion, I tried to keep my head in the game to give my best. NETC was interesting because we went into a room with four other actors at a time. It was neat to watch others perform and which contrasting monologues they chose.

After my audition, I was so restless. I got a callback but was filled with negative energy because I was not confident in my performance. I was crabby for the rest of the night, disappointed in myself. I blew off stream by walking to the craft store next door before my callback, but I was upset at how little my hard work had paid off (but hey, that’s life).

One thing that cheered me up was going to get Indian food with the other three girls while our one guy, Gabe, was still in callbacks. The girls could tell that I was still off, but I still tried to be pleasant. One girl mentioned a “Mango Lazi” on the menu. I had no idea what a Lazi was but I wanted something mango. God knows that nothing can make me happier than fresh mango and I don’t know how the restaurant did it, but that Lazi (basically a creamy smoothie) was the closest thing to a mango I tasted since I spent a couple weeks in Central America when I was in high school. I’m not usually a person who can be cheered up with food, but God saved that one chance a North American could get her mango-fix for a very special time.

Exploring Boston

Exploring Boston

Reflecting back now, I can see that I should be proud of my audition and grateful for the experience I gained from it (maybe the mango helped me see the day differently). Maybe I “only” got one callback, but each audition is a new experience to strengthen me for the future, and new people with whom to meet and connect.

We picked up Gabe, and went to bed for a night’s rest before dropping Delaney off at the airport and tackling the “Big Apple” the next morning. Our auditions may have been finished, but we still had an adventure ahead.

*stay tuned for my experience in New York City!


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