Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve seen the argument over whether or not America should let the refugees come inside, and the even more heated why the government wants to support them.

*The following is aimed at a Christian audience*
Because you’re the one’s getting on my nerves.

I try to stay quiet about political issues, but this issue has been on my mind quite a bit. America is the country it is now because of refugees. My ancestors came over from England about a century ago. If someone is Irish, they were probably finding a new home from the potato famine. Every family will have a different reason for coming to the states. I mean, if someone has a good life where they already reside, they wouldn’t come to America.

Here are the reasons against it:

There are thousands of veterans without a home.

The argument is that we need to take care of our own people before we take in new ones. And as true as that is, the government can’t (and shouldn’t) do everything.

I don’t think that the government should be giving refugees there own houses and meal plans. I think that’s what the people who care should do.

One point by a friend, “Many of the homeless veterans are not homeless just because the government doesn’t take care of them. It’s because of substance abuse issues, or mental issues.”

The Church were the ones that Jesus commanded to take care of the widows and orphans. If Christians saw the need and opened up their homes to veterans and refugees until they were on their feet, the government would have no need to step in financially.

“As long as there is a homeless child on the street, we don’t have room for refugees.” But who’s fault is that? I don’t believe that the government can just give people homes, but if that is your excuse, then why aren’t you taking in the homeless?

Terrorists will sneak in with the refugees.

A reasonable fear I’ll admit, but this is more paranoia. The terrorists have mastered the art of sneaking in. Sure, they might fit in with the river of refugees, but admit it, they’re smart and they’re already in. Do some research, they alter passports and get visas. America should not slam the doors on the innocent just because they’re being chased by people we don’t want. I’m not saying that the movies are always real, but the hero always faces danger when striving to save the innocent.

God could have slammed the door on us a long time ago, but He didn’t. And He won’t. He faced an enemy to save humanity, so let us be willing to lay our lives down for one another. Oh wait, that sounds like it should be written in the Bible!

I lock my doors at night because I care for my family.

Fantastic. But.

If someone came to your door and knocked politely, saying, “I was just chased out of my home city and I need to start a new life,” are you not going to at least call some sort of shelter? Actually, the majority probably wouldn’t, but they would feel the guilt to do so.

If the church did their job, wouldn’t we open our doors to people? Wouldn’t we welcome them with a warm meal and a blanket for the night?

People opened up their homes to the Jews during World War II even though they were being chased by Nazis, and we have some tragic but also some beautiful stories because of those brave souls.

Why was this article aimed at Christians? Because according to our faith, non-Christians have reason to fear. We have a hope, but instead of sharing that, we’re saying, “Close our boarders.”
It’s okay to be scared. Jesus was scared before he made his move. But he still prayed and finished the plan. This article by Life in Progress Ministries states it better than I can.

The refugees will not break into your house. There’s plenty of non-terrorists who already break into houses. Instead, they’re fleeing and just trying to find a place where they can move on and find a new life. And Christians, if anyone knows about a new life, it should be us.

Here’s another article I really like about the issue: check it out!

If I may add one thing. There are stories of people all over the globe learning about Christ through a dream. How lacking must we be that God has to personally get involved. We were the ones that He said “Go,” to.


3 thoughts on “If the Church Did Her Job

  1. My issue is that there are Syrians these able body folks abandoned and left behind to DIE. I’ve no problem with charity and most aren’t terrorist; I’m not sure we should let them take up in the U.S./ Europe if they are going to prove horrible neighbors… they have ethical responsibilities as they are humans and not a faceless mob. We punish our own that dodge the draft, and I think if they will route here and abbandon Syria they are criminal. I don’t give money to known junkies, why shelter to cowards?

    We need a humanitarian solution that still keeps them responsible to their countrymen.


    • I honestly don’t know a lot about the one’s who were left behind; if they were left behind by choice, if there even was a way to save them, or if everyone else took off running without them carelessly… Could you point me to information on that?


      • I don’t know a singular source, it’s why the rules of engagement for the bombings is messy.

        It’s more poly sci. Arabs (I hate generalizations) normally don’t have a strong sense of national identity. Too used to wars. It makes nation building an issue as there’s no “nationalism.” It’s also why they attach a lot of importance to religious identity and the rebels are multi-national. Basically, the refugees had no horse in the race and left. Those with ties, infirmities, slaves, women, etc. aren’t free to leave the combat zones, but everyone else will.

        My point is that we have to teach the moderates nation building if we want a lasting peace… simply accepting them fleeing just accommodates the broken model… I’m mostly pacifist; there is some merit to making the refugees conscript into a larger peace keeping force so the occupation is “Syrian.” It’s a different take on Vietimisation. If fleeing isn’t an option they lose the “I can be muslim there too” ghetto option that perpetuates violence and prevents Arabs integrating in most places. Kinda forcing them to take stands and say “here’s the only place I can be, so here matters.”

        Problem is avoiding a bay of pigs, or the messy “security forces” nonsense. That’s why Putin elected to just keep a dictatorship, tyranny has the benifit that tyrants like law and order. If we reject that, we can’t give folks a democratic system, they have to take it.

        It’s not perfect, but it is guided by the notion “act responsibly and accept guilt.” It also means we have to wink at European/American historical ills enough to let their culture handle what ours has.

        Or, we go Roman and simply eliminate the weaker culture eventually.

        I just don’t think “war’s not here” and “there is no war” are options we can take. The Syrians are already at it. The refugees are equvilent to our draft dodgers.


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