Come on in! Let me take your coat! I’ll fix you coffee or tea if you would like.

My name is Rosebelle Easthom, and welcome to my life. I figure a good first blog post is to introduce myself.

I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. The people are either as cold as the snow or as sweet as the maple syrup; really no in between. However I was always surrounded by beauty. Green summers, vibrant autumns, white winters, and wet springs of blooming trees.

I now go to school at Asbury University where I’m learning all sorts of things about Acting, Filming, and Writing! I love every second of it (but we all can forget Gen. Eds.). I’m close with my professors and have the best group of friends I could have ever asked for–the best part is I didn’t ask for them.

I have a passion for people and culture. I’ve always had this passion, but it was finding it that was my problem. When I was fourteen and fifteen, I worked at a summer camp working with the media team. I knew nothing about a camera, but man, did I learn fast! I loved capturing moments though picture and video. That summer away from home is when I opened my mind to all that I could do, mentally and physically.

Then, when I was seventeen, a stage show that I was a part in was invited to participate in a regional, and then state level, competition. The experience of being with other actors and entertainers encouraged me that this was the place, the entertainment field, that I wanted to touch people.

So here I am! Taking a stance on my vision, going to a university that will strengthen my knowledge and experience in the life for which I long. One day at a time. And I love it.


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