Rosebelle Easthom

My name is Rosebelle Easthom, and I’m a junior at Asbury University, studying Acting and Media Communications. I have a deep passion for people and culture, which I wish to show through my work. I want to work with people and make a difference through sharing stories and messages with the world.

I have always been an active one with the arts: music, drawing, and theatre. I did not realize my hand for the camera until I volunteered at a summer camp when I was fourteen and fifteen. That was also when I realized my passion for people. Capturing moments of joy was worth every exhausting day of traveling.

I knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry when a community theatre show I was a part of competed in a regional, then state, competition. I’ve acted on stage longer than I can remember, but being around people who have been in the industry for so long gave me a spark for the creative groups of entertainers. Since then, I’ve gained experiences as a Stage Manager, a Lighting Designer, a Wardrobe Artist, and even Production Designer.

So now that I’ve discovered a handful of talents that I possess, I’m learning how to put them together–making a difference where I am right now, so I can make a difference wherever I go later in life.